The Busy Business Intermediate promotion campaign was not as smooth as it might seem, judging from Mr. Kovarik’s enthusiasm. Actually, it had been preceded by some delivery problems which caused difficulties in launch events organization and Top Publisher was unable to distribute as many DVD free tutorial samples as they had hoped for.

You can learn about the problem in Mr. Kovarik email of complaint. He writes to Mr. Balik, Head of Shipment Department of Premium DVD Maker – the company who manufactures DVDs and CDs for Top Publisher. Notice the structure of his email and some typical phrases used on this occasion, as well as some vocabulary related to shipment and delivery.

Some more useful phrases

openingI am writing to inform you of my dissatisfaction with… I am writing to you to ask for an explanation on the following issue.
causeThe goods we ordered from your company have not been supplied correctly. The quality of the goods we have ordered with your company does not meet our requirements.
effect  The insufficient product quality is unacceptable to our customers and we are therefore unable to sell the products. This caused us considerable inconveniences. This error put our company in a very difficult position. As a result we had to take some emergency steps.
solution  Could I please ask you to look into these matters? Could you please make sure that such errors do not happen again? Due to great inconvenience we request a compensation in the amount of CZK 10 000.
warning  Otherwise, we will be forced to stop placing any future orders with your company. I am afraid if these conditions are not met, we might be forced to take legal action. If the faulty goods are not exchanged we will look elsewhere for supplies. I hereby notify you that I intend to take legal action.
closing  Thank you very much for your kind consideration. Could I please ask you to look into these matters? I look forward to hearing from you shortly. I look forward to receiving an explanation of these matters.